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How to Keep a Relationship


  • Communicate: Talk about things, the good and bad.
  • Build trusts
  • Be honest
  • Be faithful
  • Be there for one another.
  • Make time for one another.
  • Leave the past to the past, which include ex’s.
  • Know that having arguments are normal.
  • Know that you won’t always be happy.
  • Don’t expect change.
  • Appreciate the flaws.
  • Appreciate each other.
  • Become best friends.
  • Lastly, love each other unconditionally.

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Controversial Condom Campaign to Deliver Free Condoms to Teens


A new federally funded program is delivering free condoms to teenagers in many California counties. The orders are taken online and delivered straight to the teens’ homes in a nondescript envelope.

This free mail-order condom program is supported by the California Department of Public Health and was launched by the non-profit California Family Health Council (CFHC). The initiative, available through, provides 12-19 year olds a place to order free condoms online and find locations where they can pick up free condoms from sexual health clinics across the state.

This program is targeting California counties where the number of STD cases are on the rise. Any teen in San Francisco, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Alameda, and Kern counties can receive free condoms through the program.

According to CFHC’s vice president of public affairs, Amy Moy, “We can’t keep our heads in the sand and pretend there isn’t a problem. Research shows barriers such as embarrassment or concerns around confidentiality or affordability,” limit teens from buying condoms.

Some parents aren’t thrilled with the plan however which sends a package of condoms, lubricant and an educational pamphlet to teens. Some parents argue it encourages the 12-19 year old demographic to engage in intercourse. Repeated studies have show just by providing teenaged with access to birth control and sex education does not encourage this behavior.

Since its launch on February 14th, over 550 order have been placed online. 

ONE® Condoms is a supporter of comprehensive sex education and positive sex behaviors. ONE® Condoms aims for universal condom use and safe sex practices. A portion of every ONE® Condoms sale goes towards HIV/AIDS prevention efforts at home and abroad.

Do you think that it’s a good idea to provide free mail-order condoms to teenagers? 

I am 100% behind this. they’re going to have sex whether they’re protected or not, might as well help them do it safer. 

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