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the sky is grey, it’s drizzling and I’m listening to music like Vashti Bunyan, Blind Pilot, Great Lakes Swimmers and Paul Simon

wearing black, comfy clothing and drinking coffee

I forgot how much this feels like home

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last night I realized how far I’ve come when it comes to playing vidya gaems

I was playing minecraft (of course) and I was crafting something when a skeleton got into the house and started shooting me

It was instinct, getting out of the crafting screen, whipping around while scrolling on my hotbar to my sword and killing it

Ryan was watching, letting me do it myself (This is one thing I really love about him; he’s always willing to help me and walk me through everything but he makes me do it myself. It’s so fulfilling!) and he said he was impressed

I didn’t realize it until he mentioned it, how much I’ve improved

I used to be completely incapable of moving in a digital environment

of course, a badass computer helps a lot (no lagging) but it’s nice to feel familiar with something new

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I really take after my grandma June aesthetically

She always looks polished and put together, even though she’s been a homemaker her whole life

She said she treated it like her job- woke up at the same time everyday,  put her makeup on and got dressed for the day

My other grandmother, Lilian, says she ducks and hides when she sees June at the local grocery store because she’s embarrassed by how shitty she looks in comparison

I never want to feel like I have to do that, so even when I’m dressed casually I put the effort in to look polished

it makes me feel good about myself too

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My dad turns 60 today! Hard to believe when you look at him, everyone guesses he’s like, 45

He doesn’t look like the average 60 year old, to be fair

he still has a full head of hair, mostly black, his skin is pretty good (even though he smoked for like, 10-15 years) and he keeps in shape from his job

my dad’s pretty awesome for an old guy

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vvitcx replied to your post: my sister got into a brief relationsh…

Ugh. Yikes.

right? The worst part is she outright refuses any suggestion I put past her. She’s happy being miserable. I know what it looks like because I used to be that way too, before I got on a good combination of meds and a lot of therapy. She has the same mental health issues I do but she chooses alternative medicine instead. I can see that’s working out well for her.

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