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stuff used to be so much more permanent

solid, heavy wood, a home in the family for generations, a true fixed point

I don’t like having to be so mobile- ikea furniture and temporary plastic fixtures

I want permanence and safety

not concepts I can’t grasp 

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I really dislike Express Scripts. I wish I had the option to go to a pharmacy to fill my prescriptions instead of having to get the prescription from my psychiatrist, go home, print out a sheet to fax my prescription back to my psychiatrist so THEY can fax it to Express Scripts and THEN I get my medication in the mail like a week later. Not to mention I, of course, don’t have a fax machine at home so I have to wait until I get to work. 

The concept of home deliveries and an online system is solid, but the way it has to work is annoying, tedious and time-wasting. 

Next time I see my psychiatrist, I’m going to bring the prescription order form fax sheet with me and just ask him if we can cut me out as the middleman here. I shouldn’t have to be a part of this part of the process. It just makes everything take longer. 

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