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Mori Girl 30 day challenge! I hadn’t seen one yet so I made one!

1- naturally, our first question is how did you get into mori girl?

2- Who is/are your mori girl idols? who inspires your fashion?

3- Have you ever lived in a rural environment? if you have, do you think it influenced your mori-ness? if you never have,  do you think living in a suburban or urban environment influenced your style any?

4- name 5 things you love about mori girl.

5- name 5 things you dislike about mori girl.

6- what sort of things, outside of fashion, do you consider to be part of a mori girl lifestyle?

7- are you also a lolita? I find a lot of mori girls do lolita as well! whether you are or aren’t a lolita, why do you think this is?

8- What is your favorite type of plant life? whether it be tree, bush, flower, fruit or vegetable? why is it so special to you?

9- list 10 words that remind you of mori girl or inspire your mori girl life.

10- What are your favorite books? do you think they’re mori or not?

11- name 5 of your favorite mori girl style songs or musicians, even if they’re not explicity “mori.”

12- name 5 mori girl style hobbies!

13- What films, if any, inspire your mori girl look and life? 

14- do you like to coordinate the colors in your outfits to match the seasons? what colors do you think are most appropriate for each season, and why, if you’d like to explain?

15- post a photo of your favorite personal mori girl coordinate.

16- post at least 5 photos that inspire you. They don’t necessarily have to be fashion!

17- What’s your favorite season and why?

18- Are you inspired by any foreign cultures other than Japanese? what about them inspires you?

19- Are you inspired by your own culture? if so, how do you encorporate it? 

20-  How do you feel about the fairly prevalent use of fur in mori girl?

21- Where do you get most of your mori girl closet?

22- What trends do you see taking the mori girl community by storm soon?

23- is your hair long or short? what’s your favorite hairstyle?

24- give us a mori girl inspired vignette! (a short, impressionistic scene that focus on one moment or gives a particular insight into a character, idea, or setting) Don’t fret too hard over it, we’re not all writers by trade, haha. 

25- What’s your favorite animal and why?

26- When you’re out in nature, where do you often find yourself? (in the woods, a lake, river, etc. what’s your favorite spot? describe it for us!)

27- What’s your favorite fairy tale or myth?

28- Has getting into mori girl changed your perspective on life or how you life at all? how so?

29-  What other fashions are you interested in, if any?

30- describe your ideal ‘mori girl day.’

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