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Good Morning, Tumblr! I have a gross story for you.

so I figured out what was causing my toothache- it was a piece of a popcorn kernel! 

the last time I had popcorn was when I was in MICHIGAN.

that little bastard was jammed so far into my gums that multiple flossings did jack shit.


my gums more or less “rejected” it last night and I felt a sudden relief. not to mention it smelled like death. I didn’t even have to try to smell it, it was just awful.  When I brushed my teeth right afterward there was so much blood.

So remind me never to eat popcorn ever again, for the sake of my poor gums. 

The fucked up part is I actually DO floss regularly, at the very least twice a week. I try to aim for nightly but sometimes I…well, sometimes I’ve had too much to drink and I just want to sleep, haha. But I’m usually really neurotic about my tooth health because bad teeth runs in my family. 

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  1. catacombkitten said: The last time I ate a gummy bear, I chipped the corner of one of my upper canines because I bit through the gummy and into my tooth. I haven’t eaten the little bastards since. Now I’m never eating popcorn again either. :|
  2. maidensheart said: I’m never eating popcorn again. Never.
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