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This is my cat Felix. He’s at Urgent Care vet clinic right now and I’ve paid all I can for his vet bill. Unfortunately, I’m short for his vet cost.

This morning, when I woke up, I was informed that my cat had thrown up twelve times in the span of a few hours. After about an hour of be being awake, he started screaming in pain whenever he needed to vomit and started to drool excessively. 

I brought him to urgent care where he proceeded to vomit 6 more times before they even saw us. 

He’s staying over night in the clinic, but they called me informing me of the test results just a few minutes ago. I have about $13 to my name after paying what I could for the cost of the tests and medication to make him comfortable. My mother paid for the overnight stay.

The reason I’m making this post is that… I need money for him. I still owe the Urgent Care clinic $25 and I owe my mother $120. 

That’s not all though. My mother said she refuses to pay for a surgery and by what the Urgent Care Vet told me, he’s likely going to need it. I don’t even know how much surgery is going to cost. This cat means so much to me. I don’t want my MOTHER to decide to put him down because of this. 

So this is how it is. I need money for a potential surgery and to pay my mother back. I’m open for commissions to make money so I can keep my cat. Check out my deviantart or my craft tumblr for what I can make and what I’ve made. 

Email me at if you want to ask for a price quote or to see more examples.

Please, please, signal boost this. I don’t know if I can handle the loss of Felix right now. 

EDIT: Etsy Shop

Hey guys. My friend Seaki needs your help.

Her kitty, Felix, is really ill right now and she needs to take on some commissions to help pay for his Emergency Care bills.

The stuff she sells in her Etsy Shop is pretty amazing, and really cute. If you can help her out by either buying something, or spreading this along Tumblr I’d be really appreciative <3.

Help her to help Felix. Please <3

help this kitty! D: signal boost!

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    Hey guys. My friend Seaki needs your help. Her kitty, Felix, is really ill right now and she needs to take on some...
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