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black forest mori: if a mori girl is a sheep, the black forest girl is the wolf. She and the romantic goth have many interests in common, the metaphysical and the macabre are as fascinating and beautiful a facet of nature as life and light. Rather than letting the “memento mori” idea get them down in the dumps, they allow it to let them appreciate living while respecting death. Humor about both is essential to them and the classic gothic motifs like bats, spiders, spiderwebs and crosses are cute and charming to them. 

The black forest girl wears lots of black, dark blue, blood red and gray. She would be completely camouflaged in the night. Black Forest girls also enjoy “primal” and “primitive” looking makeup, for lack of a better word. Their faces are inspired by Egypt, various African tribes, Celtic warrior paint, Native American and other ‘tribal’ or ancient looks. 

The Mexican holiday El Dia De Los Muertos also draws a large amount of their attention and fascination, and as such their favorite flowers would include marigolds and sunflowers and roses.

(photos from various places…if it’s yours and you want it credited or taken down, don’t hesitate to message me, ShadyOaks.)

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